Kids I.T Spring Break Camp 2017

Kids Tech U Spring Break Camp 2017

Where:  Amana Academy

When: April 3rd – April 7th    (8-3:30)

Cost: $150.00

Grades:   1st – 8th grade

*Snacks Provided

Seating is Limited!!!

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Students/Trainees will be completing their projects based on one of technologies below.   Please click to get an understanding of what each technology is.

Our Spring Break program is project based learning.   Our goal is to not only expose your child to different technologies but teach them how to produce a technology component in an a production team.   Each child will be placed on a team with a different role that contributes to the overall project.

Roles are:

Project Manager
Business Analyst
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Software/Technical Engineer

The trainees will be taught a certain level of understanding and skills per role.   They will have to rely heavily on what they’ve been taught to deliver a technical project on schedule and meeting the customer’s expectation.