Kids Tech U After School Club @ Amana Academy Week 1

Kids Tech U After School Club @ Amana Academy Week 1

Pass me a wrench and screw driver please!


Just a quick note about what Trainees will be doing the first week of Kids Tech U After School Club this year.

We will kick off Week 1 of Kids Tech U Club by opening up a computer and learning what’s inside while adding and removing parts.

…but hold on

Before we get to the fun stuff, we need to build those typing skills!

Last year 90% of our students increased their typing speed and accuracy by 20%. This year we will continue to improve those, by beginning the class with beginning typing and intermediate typing. Afterwards there will be group discussion about the inner workings of a computer and then we will crack open a computer and dive in.

Objectives for Week 1:

  • Learn the correct typing posture & home row keys
  • Understand the different hardware components and its function in a computer and how to safely navigate inside a computer

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