Kids Tech U After School Club @ Amana Academy Week 2


Let’s try not to miss a step due to the hurricane!


Just a quick note about what Trainees will be doing the second week of Kids Tech U After School Club this year.

We will kick off Week 2 of Kids Tech U Club by creating web pages with HTML5.   Some of the items we hope to cover this week are:

  • Understanding HTML syntax
  • HTML Tags
  • Placement
  • Commenting
  • background functions
These are building blocks for next week

…but hold on, don’t stop typing

Before we get to the fun stuff, we need to build those typing skills!

Last year 90% of our students increased their typing speed and accuracy by 20%. This year we will continue to improve those, by beginning the class with beginning typing and intermediate typing. Afterwards there will be group discussion about the inner workings of a computer and then we will crack open a computer and dive in.

Objectives for Week 2:

  • Continue typing labs
  • Understand HTML Structure
  • Create a basic web page using only a text editor

If you have not signed up, we are still taking registrants @

Please feel free to send any questions or comments to